Inner Peace through Emotional Self-sovereignty

The ability of the alchemical oils to restore balance to the psyche, has been remarkable. With an in-depth knowledge of the layers that shape the psychological persona of an individual, the Seer has used the power of the alchemy in specific oils to restore inner balance and outer poise. The subpersonalities of everyone, consists of two layers. These are known as the subpersonalities of the vertical axis and the deepest layer is called the horizontal axis.

The Middle Point of the Two Axis

Question: But the Song of the Rose isn’t for a subpersonality? Where does it fit in?

The Seer: Imagine the eight subpersonalities as a cross with two groups of four, one on each axis. The Song of the Rose is a fragrance that is located right in the middle crossover point (benefitting all subpersonalities). 

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