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August Back to School

Often as parents we ask what can we do to assist our young ones that are going through adolescence, other than to be quiet listeners when they want to talk to us, or guide them when they are a bit lost, but don't know it.

The alchemical fragrance oil "Freckles" was alchemically blended to assist the tender years of adolescence in a young girls coming of age. The scent is unassuming and fresh and will add a bit of simple elegance to her day. These fragrance oils do not have harsh chemical ingredients that are often used in commercial perfumes, which may interfere with the hormonal system. The oils are perfume grade essential oils derived from flowers and plants, that bring more "scent" to the nose, than therapeutic essential oils. They are quite potent as fragrances without the chemicals and dyes that are sometimes used in commercial perfumes or colognes.

For our young men, the fragrance that we would recommend, is "Hathor". I have two sons and they both loved to wear Hathor (well, at first so did my husband, but soon he graduated to love Desert Moon). The scent of Hathor is like no other, it is both strong and gentle in its potency, without being overpowering like some commercial masculine scents can be. For a young man this scent assists to build self-confidence in his ability to achieve. That is a wonderful attribute for a young man to cultivate (or one of any age!).

For the month of August both "Freckles" and "Hathor" will be promoted with 20% off the 18 ml bottles, and 10% off the trial size 3.5 ml bottles. Just a friendly warning that they may fall in love with the trial size so much, they will wear it quickly... Happy back to school!

Anna @ Team Fragrance

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