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Personal Blends Uniquely Blended For You

It has been said that fragrance is a very personal experience. Some noses can detect very subtle nuances while others may not detect anymore than one note within a fragrance. It is quite an individual experience.

To have someone custom blend a fragrance for you is to defer your nose to someone else. How would the Seer 's Alchemy know what would please you?

Well, the answer lies in the mystical realms of knowing. To connect with another is a mystical experience that few have developed to an art. The Seer is such a one.

She has been asked how she formulates personal blends and how they work to align with it's recipient.

Her answer was this:

"...The Personal Blend will adjust itself to the owner’s needs. When creating a Personal Blend, I receive through revelation what formula I should make; what ingredients to blend. But they adjust to their highest function and needed blessings for their owner, themselves. The reason the Personal Blends are ‘open-ended’ in terms of not being designated for specific functions, is because they adjust themselves to their owner’s needs over a period of time, even after the owner’s life changes. Working with these oils is a truly remarkable and miraculous experience."

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