Product Description

The exquisite experience of this fragrance, is similar to a joyous symphony bursting forth in ecstatic harmony. Luscious depths, with lingering floral and subtle fruity notes intermingling, celebrate the essence of a woman.

(photo shown 3.5 ml trial size)

Goddess of Ecstasy

  • Feminine Collection

  • "I absolutely love this oil! It’s exactly as Almine has described it! When I first smelled it my cells began tingling, then awakening into feelings of ecstasy! This happens every time I smell it and wear it…total bliss for the body! I highly recommend this oil blend! It smells wonderful!"

    luv146 January 28, 2018


    "I’m so happy about the new Valentine’s Day Fragrances! I absolutely love the women’s one (Goddess of Ecstasy). I feel like wearing it all the time. It’s got a sophistication about it, with these deep lingering overtones that complement the fresh floral notes. It really does create ecstatic feelings. Highly recommended!"



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