Product Description

This set contains the following 4 oils of the Horizontal Axis (non-physical):


Elixir of the Golden LightHigh Mind

This blend facilitates the awakening of Eagle Vision – a vital tool of mastery that allows the objectivity of perspective, necessary for seeing the larger context.

Recommended use:
Apply to the base of the skull.

Distant HorizonsInner Adventurer

This blend is designed to stimulate the ability to embrace the unknown and replace the most elementary cause of stagnation: fear of the unknown.

Recommended use:
Apply to Solar Plexus.

Song of the DoveInner Babe

This blend stimulates the return to wholeness by encouraging a deeper connection to the core of the psyche: the Inner Babe.

Recommended use:
Apply right above the pelvic bone ( right above the pubis).

The Dance in the MoonlightWild Woman

The alchemy in this blend, allows the stimulating presence of Wild Woman as a constant companion on our journey of mastery… When repressed, its expression becomes extreme and reactionary.

Recommended use:
Apply in the palms of both hands.

The Harmonious Interaction of the Sub-personalities – The Horizontal Axis


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