Product Description

This Set contains the following 4 oils of the Vertical Axis (physical):


Blue SkiesInner Child

This fresh, innocent fragrance is designed to restore the spontaneity and enthusiasm of life. It brings healing to the Inner Child, delivering wholeness to the core of the psyche.

Recommended use:
Men and women can apply it liberally to the soles of the feet.

Golden Flower Inner Nurturer

When the Inner Nurturer is balanced and whole, a deep contentment, and a feeling of being “at home” can be felt. This fragrant blend is designed to heal the pain of alienation so often felt by highly evolved beings in material life.

Recommended use:
Men and women can apply it around the navel area. Especially effective when applied before bedtime.

Fountain of LifeInner Sage

It is through heightening the sensitivity of the Inner Sage to the voice of inspiration, that our ways become self-guided.

Recommended use:
This blend is best used on the High Heart area – a few inches below the hollow of the neck, on the sternum.

Liquid Gem Inner Warrior

The war-like tendencies of Homo sapiens, has no place in the life of a resurrected master. Masterful authenticity replaces aggression as the Inner Warrior evolves to a higher level.

Recommended use:
To facilitate this, place this blend two inches below the navel on the second chakra.

The Harmonious Interaction of the Sub-personalities – The Vertical Axis


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